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Tackling the UN's Sustainable Development Goals


In its latest SDG progress report, the UN noted that worldwide material consumption has continued to increase rapidly. Current economic and business models are struggling to capture the environmental and social gains delivered by more sustainable production and consumption patterns with a lack of humanization of market data against SDG impact.


Our solution quantifies the environmental and societal impacts and their associated costs in order to identify the highest improvement potential and life cycle of the products. Additionally, we utilize next-level data analytics to model data when tackling a problem, such as identifying the impact of the recent Wuhan coronavirus outbreak in order to stamp its spread in its early stage.


We offer a unique platform for sustainability reporting and analysis in both the public and private sectors. We help business owners and impact investors who want to measure, manage, and track their progress towards the targets set forth by the UN's sustainable development goals. The adopted framework and indicators provide breadth (ie. global accessibility) and depth (ie. simulation, what-if analysis, etc.).

Learn more about the UN's Sustainable Development Goals here.

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