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3 Easy Ways to Engage Employees Using Digital Signage

Digital signage isn't just for marketing and attracting new customers, but it can actually be very effective in creating an engaging work environment and increasing pride in the workplace. Any company's success is dependent on the engagement, excitement and commitment of its employees, and digital signage can help with that.

1. Using digital signage for communications within the company.

Say goodbye to employee bulletin boards, memos and announcements and say hello to digital signage communications. Digital communications can be utilized through many devices including digital signage, video walls, tablets or mobile phones. This makes for quicker and more efficient notifications and communications between employees. It also allows for all messages to run through a centralized, monitored system. Not only will you be able to notify employees of emergencies more quickly, you'd also be able to send personalized messages and allow for more overall work efficiency.

2. Create targeted content for your employees.

Digital signage can also be used to create content tailored to your employees such as personalized messages, reminders and information. Interactive digital signage such as tablets at the break area of a company can be a great way for employees to refresh and recharge while browsing current news events or entertaining videos. Digital signage in the office is also a great place to generate revenue from ads. At Amplus Innovations Inc, we help you find ads that are tailored to your employees and we help you set up a passive revenue stream that can be easily managed and monitored.

3. Promote company pride.

Using digital signage in your company can help generate excitement and pride in your employees. For example, you could feature "Employee of the Month" on your digital signs with the simple click of a button. Digital signage is easily accessible and interchangeable because it is all centralized in the cloud. You can quickly update multiple signs at once through one computer and edit current signs.

For more information, visit the Digital Signage section of our website.

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