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How Digital Signage Can Help Get Your Business Ready for Post-Quarantine

As Ontario begins to move into Phase 2 of the re-opening process, as with many other provinces, many businesses are looking at ways to promote their services and protect both their customers and employees.

Digital signage makes it easy for local businesses and retailers to target people in their area and direct more traffic to their businesses. Digital signage is an extremely effective way to build brand awareness as well as show off some featured products. They can also help reassure customers of the safety precautions your business is taking to adhere to social distancing rules as well as ensure a safe shopping experience.

From displaying a number of ways customers can practice safe social distancing to utilizing audience analytics to notify customers whether or not they may enter the store, digital signage can be extremely useful. With recent integrations, digital signage is able to count the number of customers in the store at any given time and let new customers know if they may enter or they have to wait. This minimizes the number of employees needed to be stationed at the entrance of your store.

With the growing importance of any business's online presence, digital signage allows retailers to maximize both their physical and online presence in a cheap and effective solution. Amplus Innovations Inc. offers a variety of digital signage solutions tailored to the needs of your business that takes advantage of cloud technology. By using cloud technology, Amplus helps businesses advertise on multiple signs simultaneously through a centralized system.

Visit the Digital Signage section of our website to learn more.

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